Bomarc Home Page


Highlights of this web page:

bulletRocketry info (Information about real rockets, and kits)
bulletGroups on line (and maybe in your area!)
bulletRocket plans on line Both plans that I have found on the web, and links to other great sights that have plans on line, ready to be down loaded.
bulletComputer Programs on line This includes Rocket Cad, (and other related programs) and links to the locations to down load strange file types.
bulletAssembly Info, and tips for construction. Need hints to help with the construction of your rocket?
bulletLaunch Events Local, and long distant. Also -- see what is happening at the "cape"
bulletContacts and Credits -- do you need help or advice with your rocket project?
bulletAVI, GIF or other related files Large files ready for down loading.
bulletFAQ -- help for most of your questions!
bulletRules And Regulations for Rocketry
bulletThe Bomarc Project! My own fortay into the 98mm motor arena.
bulletA Brief History of Rocketry
bulletOthers Special Projects in rocketry.
bulletOther areas of interest (For ME!)
bulletAvi's of a REAL Bomarc Launch
bulletWhat Happened.... Where was "Bomarc" ? The long story of where was....

I'm not flying, I'm falling.... With Style! 

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What's a web page without an under construction sign. I think its required of all pages. :)
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