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Rocket Labs
645 South Center Mall Suite # 254
Seattle, WA 98188
Bus: (206) 932-9299
Fax: (206) 241-0641

POC: Dave Davis
Rocket Constructions
High Power Rocket Parts and Supplies
Abet Computer Solutions.
13029-A 3rd AVE NE
Seattle, WA 98125
Bus 206.367.3770
POC: Dan French
Rocket construction
Referal to others that can help
Computer assembly, repair, and upgrad..

This is a list of people that are willing to assist in providing informaton, parts necessary to help you in your rocket construction projects. There are more out there, including my self what want to see this hobby grow, and are willing assist those who need help.

There are several items on this web page that have been copied from other sources. If they are yours, and you would like credit, please contact me. (If you don't want credit...<g>) Credit is given to all those who's work is referenced here, including BOEING, who constructed the Bomarc Missle!