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Rocket Software on the WEB

I will try to bring the necessary software to one location, Currently I have postscript converts, rocketcad, and others, so that you will not need to go to other  hard to find places, trying to track down what you need to get work done  with your computer.

Software that you can download that can help you design or use your rocket:

bulletRocketCad The title says it all -- Computer aided design.   Has very complete inventory of parts.
bulletRocket Altitude Simulation Program A program to estimate altitude of your rocket. Requires MS Excel.
bulletFLIGHT V3.5 a program for the calculation of 2D rocket trajectories
bulletStability Calculation for Windows
bulletAltPred.ZIP Model Rocket Altitude Prediction
bulletVCP -- Visual Center of Pressure -- Local information

OnLine Software:

bulletif you have any, and I mean any type of conversion to be done, here's the place to do it:
bulletDo you have a question about calculating the amount of BP needed for an ejection charge?   Here's a handy calculator to use:

Tools to Aid in viewing/using on line images:

bulletDownloading Adobe Acrobat Reader Software Allows you to read ".PDF" files.
bulletQuick Time Allows you to view ".MOV" Files.
bulletScreenCam Player (.SCM Files) Allows you to view Lotus Screen Cam Files. (Good Luck!)
bulletQVPTRW16.EXE  -- '.TIFF' Viewer, trial version so it may be limited in use.

Old broken links... Need a replacement:

bulletJAVA-aided Design of Parachute -- Design parachutes on the web no longer works... Need a replacement.
bulletModel Rocket Altitude Predictor On line rocket simulation program no longer works.... Need a replacement.

Last Modified November 18, 2013